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Standard Victorian mansion kit includes:
-2*3 wood wall framing
-2*4 wood trusses for 10*18
-Preprimed siding fastened onto wall panels.
-Panelized walls sections (not just precut) saves time in assembly
-Prefastened gingerbread trim.
-17 working 14”*21” windows with safety glass, grids and screens
-Child dutch door  (20”wide*40”high)
-8 Flower boxes for the bottom windows
-Adult door (4’wide *6’ high)
-Hardware to assemble (screws, latches, handles, nails)
-Loft with ladder for turret side.
-Outside corner trim (high quality composite material)
-Fancy Victorian trim
-Link to excellent downloadable online manual with color pictures

Mansion options:
-Extra Windows (installed by customer)       
-Printed Manual                                               
-Extra Flower Boxes        

Customer Provides:
-2 pressure treated 4”*4”*16’  -1 pressure treated 4”*4”*14’ (8*16)
-2 pressure treated 4”*4”*18’  -1 pressure treated 4”*4”*16’ (10*18)
Our kids custom playhouse is absolutely beautiful. The Victorian Mansion is one
of our most extravagant custom designs. The styles of our childrens custom
playhouses makes them perfect for both boys or girls. It is ideal for families with
multiple kids or for inviting over all your childrens friends. Kids enjoy having a
space all their own outdoors to play and pretend. What children do not like to
that and only you can help bring your childrens imaginations to life.
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8x16 Victorian Mansion Playhouse
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10x18 Victorian Mansion Playhouse
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